A 3D Computer Vision playground to

auto-label images from moving vehicles

rapidly prototype with plug&play algorithms

effortlessly visualize and benchmark results

build complex 3D data pipelines in seconds

create ground truth & simulation data

SE3 Labs - The standard in 3D CV

SE3 Labs is a Computer Vision and AI platform with ready-to-use 3D CV APIs and tools that empower developers to build data processing pipelines & spatial computing products

All the latest 3D CV algorithms at your fingertips with tools to effortlessly combine them in sophisticated pipelines.


Bootstrap from a wide range of use case examples with pre-build pipelines or ask Spatial GPT to get started


Build complex pipelines & let SE3 Labs do the plumbing in the background.


Effortlessly keep your data organized, share and visualize results with co-workers or management


Rapidly experiment and prototype with ready to use algorithms.

You think of it, SE3 Labs provides the superpowers to build it

Spatial GPT

Your Co-pilot taking you from vague idea to working prototype in no time.

API Dashboard


A wide range of state of the art APIs at your fingertips - ready to go in seconds
Pipeline image

Pipeline builder

Combine anything you need. We standardized in- and outputs. All the plumbing is done by us
UI with Spatial GPT Demo

Visualize & Debug

Custom tooling for 3D CV to intuitively visualize, debug and share your results with anyone

Data management

Keep your data organized, streamline training of networks and sharing of data across your organization


Empowering developers to ...

auto-label training data

Leveraging 3D spatial and temporal understanding in image sequences, you can project labels from a few images into huge datasets: a data engine for training data

capture reality in 3D and analyse

Combining the latest in 3D reconstruction with 3D tools, you easily create efficient workflows: from inspection on construction sites to quality control in manufacturing

map any space & track changes

3D mapping and latest AI enables you to build digital twins, understand change and query them with Spatial GPT: No matter if city-scale, industrial site or vacation rental

explore endless possibilities

Easily mix and match all algorithms and tools, let Spatial GPT guide you or integrate your python code to reach your specific goals: no limits to what you can build

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Meet the team

Our team is on a mission to enable CV Engineers, data scientists, ML teams and really anyone with a creative idea to build 3D-enabled products with tools that make development more productive and fun.

Lukas Köstler

Phd candidate in 3D Computer Vision & AI

Simon Klenk

PhD candidate in 3D Computer Vision & AI

Christoph Bonik
Business Development

Previously COO at Artisense (Exit 2022) and Strategy & M&A advisor at KPMG

Prof. Daniel Cremers

One of the most renowned scientists in CV & AI, heading CV chair at TUM